KiMMiE GEE Identity Design

Logo & T-Shirt designs.

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Butterfly Salon & Spa Logo + Business Cards

Salon & Spa logo design:

Front desk logo installation:

Hebru Brantley 2010 PR Kit

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100329235536-f879b10fe3f54327bc69ef10918eca8f docname=hebrubrantley-newworks2010 username=frolab loadinginfotext=Hebru%20Brantley’s%20New%20Works width=600 height=464 unit=px]

Formatting & layout of online publicity tool used by artist Hebru Brantley.

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Renewable Energy Power Systems logo

Logo & temporary web design for REPS, a renewable energy company. Colors represent Bio, Wind, Solar & Water power.

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“Frolab Radio” & “Fro-Powah Hour” Brand Design

f22 studio logo


Logo design for photographer’s website

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RADA – Raleigh Area Development Authority


Logo & Web design

Caba Company Barkskin™ Brochure, etc.

Identity design, product photography (partial), and design/art direction of print brochure used at trade shows:

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100417101840-81e59f7a8ffd47989c82e9cbc8a157b7 docname=cabacompany2010 username=frolab loadinginfotext=Barkskin%202010%20-%20by%20Caba%20Company width=600 height=388 unit=px]

Multiple business card designs for principles & sales-team reps:


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Phoenix Letterpress Business Cards

Phoenix Letterpress Businesscards

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J.Chandler Pilates ID Development

Identity Development for parent company & two subsidies:



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d.essentials logo + business cards

Main brand + Sub-brand logo design:



Bella Pilates


Pilates Studio Logo Design

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